Bring Life into your Fitting Room

Otis – AudioFit allows you to bring your client’s sound world directly into the fitting room.

Otis - AudioFit supports you when you demonstrate hearing aids by enabling you to place the client in various everyday noise situations with just a few mouse clicks. The client receives visual reinforcement through pictures or videos, which can be displayed on a second screen.

AudioFit is particularly useful if you want to demonstrate the differences between various hearing aids in respect of sound quality, noise suppression and directional hearing. By experiencing the differences directly, the client can be more easily convinced of the advantages of buying a high-quality hearing aid.

Otis - AudioFit can be tailored to your needs and the needs of your clients. For example, you can present a visualisation of sound situations with pictures from your locality or integrate your own sound files. You can of course also integrate your own company logo, which is displayed to the customer when no sound situation is being presented.

With additional functions AudioFit significantly supports your work. For example, you may create shortcuts to start other frequently used programs (e.g. NOAH).

  Quality enhancing features
  • Customer experience promotes sales
  • High-quality media
  • Independent of particular makes of hearing aid
  • Flexible adaptability by integrating your own visuals and sound files
  • Increased client satisfaction
  Cost-saving features
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Saves time on each consultation
  • Reduction in the number of fitting sessions required
  • Economical to purchase
  • Increased turnover for high-quality hearing aids

Herbert Jakits, chartered audiologist, chief executive of a private hearing aid dispensary in Zurich

"In contrast to other products of this kind, AudioFit can be used at all times with all types of hearing aids and brands.
What is fascinating about AudioFit is that the program works quickly and presents any sound situation within seconds after startup. It can also be adapted to meet all the needs of my dispensary."

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Large collection of sound situations